Another Earth (2011) What is it about?

IMDB states (link to this movie): ‘On the night of the discovery of a duplicate Earth in the Solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.’

A very solid movie. A highly original and very thought provoking film bordering on the Science fiction  realm, but probably more steeped in the drama genre. I saw Mike Cahill’s other movie I Origins and thought it had lots of merit as well. They both reminded me a lot of the cult SciFi film The Man From Earth which I highly recommend particularly if you like these kind of movies that offer strange ‘what if’ scenarios that seek to challenge how we view of our very existence.

Here’s what I think Another Earth was getting at, my 2cents worth as they say.. Mind you if you haven’t seen the movie, what you are about to read will make no sense at all.

How we perceive the ending is critical to understanding what the director and co-writers were wanting us to take away from the movie.. So lets start backwards as it were (Spoiler Alert):
My understanding is Rhoda appeared to herself on earth 1 because she also won the very same competition on earth 2 but actually went unlike her Earth 1 self to to the other earth. She did on earth 2 what the husband did on earth 1 which was to travel to the ‘other’ earth. This is all speculative, but that is my take on why she appears to herself.
I don’t think she killed anyone on Earth 2 because she is dressed like a successful Uni graduate. So the moment the worlds appeared to one another (forgetting the law of physics in this whole scenario!), the altering consequences on Earth 2 were such that she did not collide or kill anyone. Changes will have occured on the two earths separate to one another from the moment she appears to look up out of he car or possibly earlier. She appears to herself at the end, so that means ‘the husband’ could appear to himself and family on earth 2 and be happy knowing that ‘his other self’ is content and he could eventually return. OR if we want to go all Sci Fi here, he may transfigure into himself on earth 2 and Rhoda could transfigure into her own self on Earth 1.
Exactly how this would have played out and why is very much secondary to what the director and cowriters had in mind. These are all used as metaphors to engage us in asking ourselves those big questions about our existence and who we really ought to be. We are all one of the same, but we live with our different selves inside our minds which depending on how we manage those inner selves, our consequential behaviours and actions will determine our destiny/destinies.

It’s due to chaos theory, random occurrence, natural evolution, our own self perception and second by second judgment and action which leads us to become the individuals we are. And only upon some serious inner reflection and turning that music on to transfigure the annoying noise into a beautiful sound (which Rhoda mentions in her story) that we truly see ourselves for who we are and why we are this way. In knowing all that, we then should have some idea about where we should/want to head forward.

It’s not the life you lead but the courage you bring to it‘ an old yogi once said. Or Matt Damon’s character in the movie We Bought a Zoo saying, ‘You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.
Here endeth the lesson. Just kidding. Anyone else have this take or did I get this totally wrong?

My 100 favorite movies here
What are your favorites?

'I am a man, a hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.' - The Master

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