The Superbowl. And there is talk of Bob Dylan in the Air and it’s not all good, y’all!

I know that not all great souls are Dylan fans, but stay with me on this…

As purported on the Bob Dylan Expecting Rain Discussion Community, ‘As a new Super Bowl commercial for Chobani featuring Bob Dylan’s 1966 hit “I Want You” hit the web on Tuesday, Billboard has confirmed that another Dylan-related spot will be airing on Sunday Superbowl, this time starring the man himself.’

chryslerDylan 60's

Dylan’s Chrysler spot is expected to advertise the automaker’s new 200 model, which was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month by Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne. According to Bloomberg News, Marchionne cagily confirmed that Chrysler would be advertising during this year’s Big Game, but declined to share specifics.

So someone such as myself – a tragic Dylan fan got me thinking – What the F%$k has Chrysler got to do with my hero and why would he do this.

You can imagine the backlash on the Expecting Rain community as well. Lets see what some wrote:

I wonder how much they are paying him?
Back in Dylan’s halcyon days this would have been called “a sell out” which is what it is.
I’m a little bummed about this. He can do what he wants, of course; but 50 years from now I hope we find out that the money Dylan made from these ads was being used for some worthy purpose.
Because in the end its simply another way to make money. What he does it HIS job. Making music. Why? To make money.
‘Plenty of people not even born in the 1960’s are old enough to remember when Dylan would comment disdainfully on this sort of thing.’
The notion of integrity that he seems to have is the one largely shared by Commercial & Corporate America.’

And  it goes on and on. I will admit I found some unrequited admiration in some of those comments.

Then boom…it struck from high above, like a thunderbolt and I understood it all, well as much as my mind could handle.

‘The book I’m reading dummy’, saying  out loud to myself. The autobiography of famous Swedish film director, Ingmar Bergman called ‘The Magic Lantern’ – the book that kept me from falling to sleep last night until the wee hours of the morn.


Having read the majority of the posts on this topic and about the prospect that Dylan is prostituting his songs to the corporate heavies I had to put forward the following:.

Why are people so hellbent on idolising great artists according to their person and not their output. Many of the greatest artists, whether it be painters, songwriters, film directors etc are / were very damaged goods.
I’m reading Ingmar Bergman’s autobiography ‘Magic Lantern’ which is quite possibly the most engrossing autobiography I have ever read. This guy who was probably even willing to admit (based on the humility splashed on these pages) that he had more character faults than you could poke a stick at. Yet to this day, his films are the most cherished / studied / talked about pictures about what it means to be human of the 20th Century. His output is what will prevail, not him as a a flawed individual. Same goes with Mozart and the same will happen with Mr D.

Dylan might find it kinda cool to be on a commercial during the superbowl or he coudn’t give a frogs fat about it. He said along the lines, ‘I could imagine myself being like Elvis’
If it projects his art to a wider audience, I am the last to complain especially now as I see CNN’s report on Bieber’s plane or something important. I can see why the George Washington bridge might seem so appealing as opposed to the Brooklyn.

Output. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball. There is method to their madness.


'I am a man, a hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.' - The Master

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2 comments on “The Superbowl. And there is talk of Bob Dylan in the Air and it’s not all good, y’all!
  1. LAMarcom says:

    “Why are people so hellbent on idolising great artists according to their person and not their output. Many of the greatest artists, whether it be painters, songwriters, film directors etc are / were very damaged goods.”

    Hear! Hear! I love Joni Mitchell; she definitely fits in here.

    “…humility splashed on these pages”
    May I steal this?

    “The Seventh Seal” is definitely one of my favorite movies. I am going to add Bergman’s book to my ‘to read’ list.

    As far as Dylan goes… I think ‘Hollis Brown’ is on my top ten list. Oh, and ‘Motorpsycho Nightmare’

    Great post Sir.

    • Bergman’s book was excellent up until the last third which was a long tiring account of his time in theater. My favourite Bergman movie is ‘Winter Light’. I still have a lot more to see including ‘Fanny and Alexander’ and ‘Cries and Whispers’.

      Thanks for your kind comments.

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